• Termites are called social whitish insects that live in top soil and eat wood. When we see them, usually by breaking a door frame and damaged, breaking a pipe mud divider or ceiling, they look like a small piece of rice rushing out. Only in the spring, the appearance of some of them is as if they were black ants with wings, when in fact, it is termites with winged.
  • We may say that termite’s life cycle begins with the nuptial flight at the time of the mature colonies sends males and females players to mate. After building fertilization, mutually they drop their wings and create new colonies thus becoming the king and queen of the new habitat.

Types of Termites

More than 2,800 species of termites in the globe of which only 10% are considered pests and lack of pest control related to economic damage in the human environment are known.We could refer to at least 3 major groups within which most species has been struggling:

Subterranean Termites: They often hit the wooden elements of goods are Subterranean Termites, which live in the soil and not wood as is commonly thought. Only go to the cellulosic elements, for gathering food that serves to feed the rest of the colony which is on the floor. Therefore, the King and Queen, directly responsible for the development of a termite mound, living under the soil, being difficult to locate. 

Damp wood termites: This group of termite feeds on decaying wood as old vines tree, rotting logs. Once they established their presence, they can shift on to fit wood structures of property.

Dry wood: They have their nests within their own food source, in this case, wood without high humidity.

Termites cause serious damage

  • The level of the harm caused by termites is related to the number of cellulosic elements easily accessible to them (from the ground used inside technical spaces or within of walls).If a building has wooden structural things, the presence of subterranean termites can culminate with the collapse of the building. That can be considered as serious these condition and thus, urgent involvement by a company specializing in treatments to remove termites.

The truth is that the best method to remove termites is prevention. We get not come into our homes, plugging cracks and other places where they can sneak. And also it will be important to be controlling our home furniture, especially older ones, to ensure they are in perfect condition.Vetiver oil can be particularly effective. Vetiver oil is only good if you do not already have termites or avoid new infestations, i.e., to prevent.

There are also pesticides and other chemicals with which you can try to remove termites from your home. Specialists’ professionals recommend termite controls are two necessary treatments: liquid treatment for termite or pesticides can be sprayed around the foundation of a house. This method eradicates or kills termites contact the chemical. Obviously, these applications should do by a licensed professional.